Difficult to find and easy to lose: a compact flashlight that will always help you find what you need in the depths of a woman’s bag

In the world there are many dark and mysterious places where not a single ray of sun penetrates and where it is so easy to get lost. Among them are the wild jungle of the Amazon, the Mariana Trench and any women’s handbag. The last point is a separate story. Any black hole will envy some reticules with their depth and ability to literally absorb property without the right to return. And the search for keys or a phone in these darkness turns into a real test that can not be overcome without a flashlight. Finally, the dissatisfied exclamations of all the women on the planet were heard and a solution appeared – a compact backlight for any handbag. With touch (and almost telepathic!) Controls.

To find something in the depths of an average woman’s bag is like a needle in a haystack. Even if the role of the needle is not the smallest smartphone. And if, due to the design, the bag is also equipped with only one (but large) compartment, write is gone. Get ready to delay the queue in the supermarket and warn your friends so as not to be offended by missed calls. This fight is familiar to designer Marino Andriani. But the professional came up with a bright idea – to make a compact flashlight, which will help you find everything and a little more. Even in complete darkness.

So there was an ideal gadget for any handbag. Handbag Light is a compact round miniature flashlight. It will work automatically as soon as your hand is at a short distance. Just put your palm in your bag and the bright backlight will turn on for 10 seconds. Studies show that this time is enough to find the right thing even in complete darkness. Optionally, the flashlight can always be turned on again by simply touching it.

Thanks to its compact size comparable to a mirror, the Handbag Light fits easily into any purse. So one purchase is enough for the whole wardrobe. By the way, men also appreciated the advantage of the flashlight: it made it easier to find the right things even in huge travel backpacks.

According to customer reviews, the “lifespan” of the Handbag Light is about 2 months of daily use. But this is not the end: then you just have to replace the batteries.

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