“Fool me completely”: the only bags on which you can (and should!) sleep

“A” – accessories. The first letter of the fashion alphabet. After all, it is they who are capable of making any, even the most modest and laconic way, vivid and memorable. Just add a contrasting bag to the black straight dress and watch the reaction of others. Especially if it is an inflatable bag made of vinyl – a new and futuristic word in the design. Open mouths of passers-by are definitely provided.

Still dreaming of a leather bag? But in vain. IT-girls, who are closely following the trends, are choosing an alternative: transparent bags made of vinyl. Modern, durable, stylish and without a gram of cruelty. Such as the inflatable Airbag accessories series.

For several seasons in a row, plastic bags and transparent backpacks have seriously excited the hearts of fashionistas. And not in vain: such an accessory simply cannot but attract universal attention. But the designers of the Airbag line went even further. These bags are not just transparent. You can also inflate them. Just like swimming circles in childhood. And they are also not afraid of water.

The design collection included bags of two styles and a small, but roomy backpack. All accessories are made of durable PVC vinyl. And in addition to the futuristic transparent appearance, they also received color spraying with an actual “pearl” effect. Everything is “in fashion”.

Designers believe that their brainchild has every chance to set a new trend. After all, bags like Airbag not only look original, but are durable, lightweight, they are easy to take with you to work or on a trip – just “blow it off” and fold it compactly. And the waters are not at all afraid. And if you want to take a nap, Airbag can always be used as a pillow.

It seems that the “inflatable” trend really goes to the masses. And not only with the sphere of fashion and accessories. For example, inflatable chairs are very popular again – a funny “hello” from the 90s.

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