How to reuse a handbag if it is already unfashionable, but it is a pity to throw it away

All things wear out over time. Handbags are no exception. Usually, even despite a slightly worn out appearance, throwing a favorite accessory out is quite difficult. A new handbag appears in the wardrobe, and the old one goes to gather dust in the closet. This article is for those who constantly scold themselves for accumulating unnecessary trash. The time has come to use it in the right direction. An old handbag can be updated or applied to create something useful. Surprisingly, it can solve a fairly large number of home problems.

  1. Resuscitation of an old handbag

The easiest way to refresh the look of an accessory is to coat it with new paint. Perform this procedure in a well-ventilated area. Additional materials will also help to make a more original beautiful thing. A modern individual handbag will turn out if large crystals are glued to the front. You can make a fashion accessory if you use old beads that have long been littered with buttons, feathers or embroidery

2. The renewal of genuine leather

No need to rush to send a handbag, slightly lost its beauty, in the trash. Using special products for genuine leather, many defects can be easily fixed. They are sold at an average price, but they will cost significantly less than buying a new high-quality bag. A couple of simple manipulations, and your favorite accessory can regain its perfect look.

3. Travel bag

Fees before the trip often look like a disaster. Everything happens in a hurry, bustle and constant thoughts about whether something important has been forgotten. The easiest way to ensure that all toiletries are packaged if they are in the same place. An old handbag is perfect for storage. An outdated accessory can also play the role of an alarming suitcase. You can put in it all the most necessary things that you need to take with you in case of emergency: documents, medicines, money, jewelry, water, essentials.

4. The bag is turning …

Turning … into stylish sandals. Instead of throwing away a handbag from genuine leather, which you love very much, the best to take it to a shoe maker. Perhaps he can use the material to make a nice pair of summer shoes.

5. A place to store brushwood

An old handbag can be used to store firewood or kindling paper. Such advice is very relevant in your own home or in the country. Instead of a heap of kindling material, an elegant decorative element will appear in the stove or fireplace area.

6. An outdated accessory is a great gift.

Yes, that sounds strange, but it’s true. Little women of fashion who love to dress up and play as adults will be delighted with such an amazing gift. A couple of these old handbags, and you can arrange a real fashion show.

7. Stylish file organizer

A long obsolete handbag is perfect as a place to store various files. This idea seems especially tempting to employees of the financial sector during the tax season. At home in old purses you can store all the necessary, but rarely used paper.

8. Garden assistant

If you turn the bag inside out or add a couple of extra pockets to it, you can successfully use it to work in the garden or in the garden. All garden supplies fit nicely into pockets.

9. New fashion pillow

Volumetric bags made of quality leather should not be thrown away. From them you can make chic pillows for a sofa or office. To do this, you just need to give them a form and fill a large bag with suitable filler. You don’t even have to sew up, because you can close it with a zipper.

10. Additional usable space on the wall

Old unused handbags can be hung on the wall and used as improvised shelves. They will be especially relevant in the kitchen, in the bathroom, closet or garage.

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