Made in Italy

High quality of materials and attention to details

These are the characteristics, which make our work authentic and representative of the genuine Italian leather making.

The excellence of the product for us is the result of combining tradition with nowadays values.

It is our aim to create a product which meets the modern needs of versatility and ergonomics.

Launch of new trends and respect for the environment: vegetable tanning

The Tuscan district of Italy is the place where our creations come to life, step by step, from the selection of materials up to the last details.

The whole process is environment-friendly, thanks to the vegetable tanning, key of our manufacturing philosophy.

In fact, vegetable tanning uses natural substances, tannins, which give our leather a unique quality – warm colors that make the surface of the products shine.

Our respect of historical traditions is an art open to the future, an authentic lifestyle, which blends in with the territory and its expression of the great value we want to accomplish by manufacturing an excellent product.

bags of genuine leather for man and women from italy
vintage genuine leather bags for women made in italy handmade fashion photo